Carnation Flower Meaning Based on the Colors

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Carnation flower meaning comes in vary. It depends on the colors of the flower. That is why it is important to understand the flower character and meaning before you decide to use the flower to make a gift or for the wedding anniversary decoration. So, it is good to know more information and facts about the carnation flower colors as well as the meaning first before you arrange or decorate your with this flower. Then, it is not only for the beautiful look of the flower but also for the arrangement and the characters.

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Carnation Flower Meaning and Colors

It has been known that this flower comes in rich meanings and symbolisms. And before you know the carnation flower meaning by the colors, it is good to know the meaning from the name first. It comes from ‘corone’ or coronation as it is used in the Greek ceremonial crowns. Some scholars also say this flower has the name from Latin word ‘carnish’ or flesh as it has the pinkish color or comes from ‘incarnacyon’ or incarnation as it is said as the incarnation of God-made flesh.

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That is the carnation flower meaning from the name source of the flower. And from the colors, you will see various meaning. From red carnation flower, there are two colors here. For the light red color, it represents admiration. And for the dark red color, it symbolizes deep love and also affection. You will also see other colors like purple that expresses capriciousness and for the pink color, it represents the greatest significance. There are also other colors like white, yellow and many more.

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For white carnation flower, it represents beauty, sweetness, pure love and good luck. It looks really charming and beautiful. The colors as well as the meaning of this flower symbolize the perfect combination. And besides from the color, you can also have the carnation flower meaning from the solid or striped pattern. Solid color means yes and the striped color means no, deny or regret as the love cannot be shared. Those are various meanings of this beautiful flower you need to know.

And to make perfect carnation flower arrangements, it depends on how you will use this flower for. Usually, the right arrangement will represent the carnation flower meaning perfectly at St. Patrick’s Day, Teacher’s Day and Mother’s Day. And it is also used for the 1st wedding anniversary decoration. It depends on the colors of course. It is also recommended to get the right arrangement from expert florist who understands very well about the meaning and how it should be rightly arranged.

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That is right. It will be perfect when you have this flower arranged by the expert florist who understands the meaning as well as the characters and accents of the flower based on the colors. So, when you want to make this flower as a gift, it will be really charmingly styled or arranged and sure it will represent your feeling completely. And when you plan to decorate or use this flower for the 1st wedding anniversary, the expert florist also understands how the carnation flower meaning and the look should be displayed.

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